Roll Agility + Alertness. Highest roll goes first.

Each turn you get one action. Each extra action means a cumulative –1 Skill step penalty to all actions that turn.

Base speed is 15 feet per turn, which doesn’t count as an action. Going faster requires actions.
Hustle (30 ft. per turn): 1 action
Run (30 ft. + Attribute + Athletics/Running): 2 actions


Innate Defense: If you see it coming and you’re moving around, make an unskilled Agility roll as the Difficulty to hit you. Otherwise you’re at Difficulty 3.

Block: Agility + Skill roll against the attack. High roll wins.

Dodge: Agility + Athletics/Dodge as Difficulty to hit you.

All-Out Defense: +2 Skill step bonus to dodge or block.

Cover: Increases Difficulty to hit you.
Light cover +4 (prone; half concealed)
Medium cover +8 (more than half concealed)
Heavy cover +12 (mostly concealed)
Near-total cover +16 (almost all concealed)

Poor Visibility: Increases Difficulty to hit you.
Dim; light fog +4
Dark; thick fog +8
Pitch Black: All potential targets make Easy innate defense roll to avoid being hit. Lowest roll takes the hit.

Range: Affects attacker’s skill.
Point-blank +1 Skill step
Short —
Medium –2 Skill steps
Long –4 Skill steps

Protective Gear: Armor reduces Wound damage.

Determining Damage
Step 1: Basic Damage. Attack roll – Difficulty = Damage. In most cases half is Stun, half is Wounds.
Step 2: Add Weapon Damage. Add weapon damage rating.

Damage Effects
Passing Out: When total Stun and Wounds exceed Life Points, you must roll Vitality + Willpower at Difficulty 7 to stay conscious. Each turn you take any action you must roll again, with a cumulative +4 Difficulty per turn.

Shock: If you’re already unconscious, record any further Stun damage as Shock Points. You can’t heal Stun damage as long as you have Shock Points. Once per hour, make a Vitality + Willpower roll at Difficulty 7 to change one Shock Point to ordinary Stun damage.

Seriously Wounded: If you have Wound damage equal to or greater than half your Life Points, you take a –2 step penalty to all actions.

Dying: If you have Wound damage equal to or greater than your Life Points, you must make a Vitality + Willpower roll to stay alive. The first roll is at Difficulty 3. But you must roll once per minute, at cumulative +4 Difficulty each time.

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