Attribute Rolls

Some actions the crew might attempt don’t require skill at all. These are tests of a character’s raw Attributes. They are rolled with Attributes only, and depending upon the situation, may either be two Attributes rolled together or one Attribute rolled twice. A modifier to an attribute roll always affects the lower attribute only. Here are a few examples.

Burst of Strength: Strength + Strength. Made to see if you can perform a brief feat of physical strength, such as shoving a heavy object out of the way.

Endurance: Vitality + Willpower. Rolled when you’re taken more Wounds than Life Points to see if you stay alive.

Get Out of Harm’s Way: Agility + Alertness. Made when reacting to sudden danger, such quickly holding your breath when poison gas enters a room.

Initiative: Agility + Alertness. Determines how quickly you react each combat turn. (Optional Initiative rules are covered on page 151 of the PDF)

Long Haul: Strength + Vitality. Made when trying to perform an extended feat of strength that has to be maintained more than a few seconds, such as carrying a heavy load up a hill.

Memorize: Intelligence + Alertness. Used to commit important information to memory.

Recall: Intelligence + Willpower. A check to remember an important event or fact.

Resistance: Vitality + Vitality. Made to resist environmental hazards, diseases, alcohol, and toxins.

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Attribute Rolls

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